our history

Hjalmar (H.P) Krogh started Krogh Feed & Supply in 1967 in Iowa Falls, Iowa. The business was originally started as a feed mill selling Kent Feed and Richie Hog Waters. Many pounds of feed went through the feed mill over the years. In the mid 70's H.P. slowly transitioned over to selling short-line farm equipment augers, wagons, sprayers, etc. H.P. was a well respected businessman in the area and ran the company by himself until 1993 when he brought Phil Oppold into the business. Phil worked for H.P. until 1997 when he and his wife Lois bought the business from Hjalamr. H.P. continued to work part-time for Phil until he retired in 1998.

Phil and Lois Oppold continued to run the business and changed the name to Krogh-Oppold Feed & Supply. The business slowly transitioned out of the feed mill operation and grew more into the short-line farm equipment side of things. As the business continued to grow over the years Phil and Lois brought on another salesman Kris Sailer in 2008. The company outgrew their current location at 11489 Hwy 65 North and in 2009 Phil bought the old skating rink in Iowa Falls and converted it into what is now the current location of Krogh-Oppold Feed & Supply. Phil and Lois have grown the operation from a one man sales team to 6 full time employees. Over the last 20 years the business has grown more than Phil and Lois ever expected and they have enjoyed watching the farm industry change over the years. 


oUR Vision

Our vision is continue to grow our strong relationships with our customers. We want to continually provide quality service and products for the ever changing farming industry.